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Legitimate Online Jobs that aren’t Scams



 Thanks to the evolution of the internet, many people now have the choice to find work from home. Just around ten years ago, getting a job entails travelling to an office, suffering the exasperating rush hour and spending a large chunk of one’s salary for gas and transportation. Now that the internet has opened a sundry of opportunities as it enables worldwide connectivity, one does not have to experience the hassles of getting a job or even being in one. With a working computer or laptop, one could earn money while in the comforts of his home.


Various legitimate online jobs are now out and ripe for the taking. Home buddies like housewives or persons with disabilities and even students can simply open their computers, connect to the internet and profit from their different skills without having to leave their houses. With these legitimate online jobs, they could save on transportation money and even have control over their time, thus enabling them to accomplish other priorities and have enough time for their personal affairs.


They don’t even have to deal with messy office politics as working from home does not require having to deal with other people vying for job positions directly. There are, however, online job communities where people could socialize, discuss matters and even ask for help over forums, thereby making online jobs more appealing to most.


One of the legitimate online jobs one could apply for is being a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant, or VA for short, offers administrative, creative or technical services to a client. Professional administrative tasks are responsibilities similarly held by executive assistants or secretaries. These usually involve scheduling appointments or events, managing the client’s email and even researching about a host of things that would keep the client up-to-date regarding his or her profession.


Creative tasks, on the other hand, could mean accomplishing chores of a social nature, such as sending out greeting cards during holidays or writing thank you notes—activities that most professionals rarely have time for. Meanwhile, technical tasks usually involve database entries and data presentations. To be a virtual assistant, one must be efficient in management or organization. He should also be capable of accomplishing the given tasks during a set deadline.


Another one among the many legitimate online jobs is being a translator. Of course, the more languages one could speak fluently, the better. Being an online translator usually requires working with written materials, such as converting them from one language to another, not necessarily from English to another language or vice-versa. Online translators also have the task of compiling glossaries and terminologies that could be applied as a database for translating.


Other translators can also deal with spoken communication where they act as interpreters or even teachers that instruct via a webcam. Other than knowing how to speak other languages formally, online translators must also be knowledgeable about the nuances of the language, its slang words and the cultural context accompanying certain phrases in order to translate speech or written materials effectively.


Being a medical transcriptionist is also among the legitimate online jobs around. A medical transcriptionist converts audio files that record dictations by doctors into written documents. This sounds like a simple enough task, but one must take into consideration that some doctors have accents that are rather difficult to understand, or that there’s the presence of background noise during the recording, not to mention that there’s also the possibility that some audio files have bad quality. A familiarity with medical terms or previous experience in the medical field would certainly be a plus for all those wishing to apply as online medical transcriptionists. A knack for listening and a good memory, as well as fast typing capabilities, are the skills needed for one to be an effective medical transcriptionist.


Writers and editors are also in-demand among legitimate online jobs. Many websites always have a job opportunity for content writers and editors. The job is pretty much self-explanatory: Writers and editors would be tasked to deal with many kinds of written material that revolve around a sundry of topics. These topics could range from articles about health, beauty, business, science, culture, history, food, entertainment—pretty much everything under the sun. A working knowledge of many things and a good command of language are the skills primarily needed for this job. The ability to package these articles creatively is also necessary because most of these would be uploaded to websites, or even as e-books.


Web developers and/or designers are also among the list of in-demand legitimate online jobs. Since the internet age has reached a significant boom over the years, many people, especially businesses, rely on websites to reach their target market. While there are many websites that offer easy creation and customization for anyone who wants to have their own site, not all features that the client wants are available. Web developers and/or designers could provide for these services, which, in turn, offer their client’s website a unique and more trustworthy feel. Naturally, one must have a good knowledge of the tools needed for web creation or design, such as working with the HTML or CSS code, to name a few.


Being a teacher is also one of the many legitimate online jobs. Education nowadays doesn’t have to come in a physical classroom with a physical teacher giving lessons. With a working internet connection and a webcam, teachers could now offer lecture sessions online, whether this is done in a group or one-on-one. This setup gives both parties a certain amount of freedom and comfort not experienced in traditional classrooms. The limited number of students, too, allows the teacher to better focus on the progress of each learner. Online teaching jobs usually require a degree. Other than that, one must have patience and creativity in order to make virtual learning fun for the students.


These are just a few of the many legitimate online jobs circulating the internet, which young and old people alike could benefit from. Gone are the days when working means being away from home, thanks to the internet.