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Advantages of Working from Home



Working in an office, a restaurant, a hotel or anywhere that requires your physical presence is beneficial primarily when it comes to your social life. You know, work becomes dull if you don’t have people around who can keep you sane and keep you company during break times. However, going to the office demands a lot of time and budget. You need to wake up early just to get yourself presentable. Many times, you have to come home late because you need to stay longer in the office.


However, thanks to the Internet, working from home has now become common in many countries. More and more mothers are now switching to home-based jobs for several reasons. Many students also opt to look for home-based or online jobs. Some of the most popular online jobs today are freelance writing, online typing, translation jobs, data entry jobs, lay-outing or graphic designing, and many others.


You may wonder why there is a continuous trend in the number of employees working from home. Well, read on below the advantages of being a home-based employee.


Flexible with your time


Unlike the 8 to 4 or 9 to 5 work in the office, home-based employment allows you to be flexible with your time. Meaning, you can do other tasks and household chores while not sacrificing the time allotted for your work. For example, you can cook breakfast for your children before they go to school. You can even send them to and fetch from the school.  


Another great thing about working from home is that you can easily insert trainings or crash courses in your schedule. This is very helpful particularly if you want to expand your knowledge and advance the career that you pursue.


Increased productivity


You might disagree that a home-based job can make you more productive because there is no boss who remind or monitor you all the time. The truth is you only need a certain level of self-discipline to keep everything done according to plan.


The fact that you can choose to do your work at the time most comfortable to you is helping you become more productive. For example, if you are a morning person, you can finish a lot of task early in the morning. You sure can complete the task because you don’t have office mates around who may bother you or delay your work progress. The rest of the day, you can allot some time to perform other tasks not related to work. Therefore, being productive when working from home is not just about completing more job-related tasks. It is also about attending to responsibilities at home. This definitely increases your daily productivity.


Improved health


For many, the office is a stressful environment. From the office mates who talk frequently during the day, to the clutters of paper scattered around the office, to the bossy reminders of managers or supervisors, the office definitely makes an employee’s day so stressful. In addition, traveling to the workplace also becomes stressful whenever there is traffic.


However, if you are working from home, you do not have to suffer from the aforementioned sources of stresses. You can choose to wake up in the time that you feel you already had enough sleep. In addition, you can cook and prepare healthy meals for yourself and the whole family. Lastly, you are not exposed to the germs and bacteria you may get from outside environment and from co-workers.


More economical


One of major reasons why many are switching to working from home is the practicality of home-based employment. For one, you don’t have to spend money on transportation. You lessen the budget needed for oil and maintenance and repair of your car. You also don’t need that much business clothing. Thus, you also lessen the need to pay for dry cleaning and maintenance of these clothes.


Since you cook and work at home, you don’t have to allot extra money for fast food, which by the way are not really healthy. You can actually maximize the budget allotted for the whole family’s food.


More comfortable


You would surely agree that there is no other place more comfortable than your own home. You can choose your own workspace and utilize the resources you have around the house. You also don’t have to mind if there are people who might criticize how you look.


You only have loving children and partner who will give you kisses and hugs from time to time, which can motivate you even more to work harder. Now, that is a kind of comfort with love and inspiration.


Competitive advantage


This is particularly true for small business owners who chose to operate at home. In general, you can greatly reduce the overhead cost because you do not have to allot budget for rent and bills for electricity and water. When working from home, you can also make sure that you are offering your customers quality products or services depending on what you offer. Since there is reduced cost, you will absolutely increase the profitability of your business.


In the US, there were 9.5 million home-based employees in 1999. This increased to 13.4 million in 2010, according to the US Census Bureau. These workers worked at least one day every week. The bureau also had a survey about the salaries of home-based workers. The survey showed that the average annual household income for home-based workers was $74,000. This is almost $10,000 higher than the average of on-site workers, which was $65,000.


In the UK, there was a 45% increase in the numbers of employees working from home during the last 16 years according to the Office for National Statistics.


With the availability of thousands of online jobs nowadays, it sure would not be difficult to find one that suits your skills and interests. Some of the home-based jobs that have been in trend since 2013 include web programmers, tech support agents, software developers, medical transcriptionists, social media mangers, public relations specialists, and others. You can also choose from project or contract based jobs such as online writing.